Highly Strung presents...            Guitarras de España

In the middle of the nineteenth century the Spanish born guitar maker, Antonio de Torres (generally regarded as the "Stradivarius of the guitar") designed the modern classical guitar as we now know it. With very little modification, his design (including the fan strutting underneath the soundboard) is still to be found on guitars produced today.

It is hardly surprising then, that the acoustic nylon strung guitar is, and will continue to be, synonymous with Spain - and for those guitarists looking for "the real thing" there can be no better place to start the search than the workshops of today's Spanish luthiers.

The workshop of Guitarras Francisco Bros is located, only a few miles inland from the Mediterranean Sea, in Gata de Gorgos, a haven of peace and serenity nestled in the rolling Spanish countryside of Alicante amid the vines, olives and fruit trees.

Inside the workshop in the heart of Montgó Natural Park, three generations of guitar makers work together. The Grandfather, Francisco, started in the guitar making profession over fifty years ago, and today, thanks to his effort and dedication, his sons and grandsons are able to continue the family business.

Francisco and Luis are the second generation of guitar makers in the family, and they now have the responsibility to carry on their predecessor's hard work. Many changes have been made to the workshop since its foundation, and today, through the combination of technology and artisan traditions, the workshop produces guitars of the highest quality embodying the pure essence of the Mediterranian tradition.

Esencia y tradición mediterranea !

Guitars by Francisco Bros are handmade from the finest materials and offer exceptional value for classical guitar players of all levels. These guitars are now available in the UK from www.HighlyStrung.co.uk