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'Pub Prop'

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A pocket sized table-mounted support for guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, violin, etc.

The simplest inventions are usually the best - and this is no exception. We're amazed nobody thought of it before!
It attaches quickly, simply and securely to most table tops and offers safe support for your stringed instrument. It will not damage your instrument or the table top during use.

For guitars and similar floor standing instruments: Place on floor centrally in front of prop, rest the neck into fork and snap the strap closed for security.

For mandolin, fiddle, and other light instruments: The 'Pub Prop' is strong enough to act as a hanger - and for fiddle players, there's even a place to hang your bow as well.

The whole assembly only weighs 100 gm and packs flat into the carrying bag supplied. It will easily fit into your pocket or instrument case so it's available wherever you need it. Now there's no need to carry a bulky instrument stand around with you!

See the review in Guitarist magazine
Price: 10.95


Online Catalogue | Accessories | Stands & Hangers, etc. |  'Pub Prop'

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